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Top 5 Best Portrait Paintings Made By Hand As Gifts For Christmas

Getting your family Christmas gifts, or holiday gifts in general, can be difficult. When your children, wife and your parents are involved, you have to really start brainstorming. We have shortlisted 5 best Christmas holiday gifts that you can hand over to her, him and them this Christmas for a good-ol-jingle-bell-time.

The best gifts on christmas can be paintings for someone and for someone a portrait of themselves, choosing one of these gets easier with the read below! The Christmas artworks can now be your family paintings on the wall this holiday!

  1. Family Portrait.
Family Portrait Painting

A little hand-made family portrait never hurt anybody 🙂

This handmade christmas artwork will only show your compassion towards your family on the day of christmas eve, hanging one of these paintings on your walls will only make you nostalgic as you pass by them. A creative way to tighten your bond with your kids who grow up so fast!

Every moment clicked on camera is preserved but paint it on a canvas and it lasts forever. This is the best gift for your kid who is away from you, celebrating their christmas in their little dorm room or your partner who is 7 seas away for a work trip!

  1. Pet Portrait.
Pet Portrait Painting

That little paw-member of your family, really does brighten your day up on gloomy days. This is to remind your partner that the bond they share with their pet has to be one of the most adorable bonds you’ve come across.

Gift this handmade painting to someone who values their pets more over us humans, why? Because pets are everything. These small living beings really do deserve the best. This handmade painting can be the best moment or best capture of the pet owner and the pet.

Best paintings usually come out of the best moments created with somebody, this occasion is a “purr-fect”opportunity to gift them a painting.

  1. Hand-made Charcoal Painting.
Handmade Charcoal Portrait Painting

These hand-made paintings are the most efficient and effective use of the resources from nature! Gift them to somebody on christmas who is environmentally conscious, this would definitely make their day or rather christmas!

These hand-made paintings are inexpensive and they are bio-friendly paintings, which rank them high up in the most essential ways of being close to nature.

Additionally, they also are a way to portray your raw and true emotions onto a canvas, charcoal being one of the most ancient elements used by the cavemen to showcase their skill of paintings and art.

  1. Hand-made water colour painting.
Hand Made Water Color Painting

The best gift is giving someone one of the best classics, water colours!

These sets of watercolour paintings bring out the persona of an individual when used in the right manner, somebody who has a cheerful, bubbly persona would definitely adore this painting of themselves if gifted on christmas!

We all wait all year long for christmas presents, this painting would truly justify the wait or the longing. This watercolour painting will be the best gift for someone who loves dressing up too! The colours are truly brought out onto the canvas in this painting!

  1. Pencil Sketches.
Pencil Sketches

The childhood dream of someone sketching a whole hand-made portrait of you will come true with this painting gifted to them on christmas eve.

Use the best picture of them to truly showcase their beautiful face in this painting, this hand-made pencil sketch would only work as an enhancer of their face structure, nobody ever painted has not looked beautiful. If at all, hand-made paintings only make people more beautiful.

The best part of gifting them hand-made paintings on a christmas eve is showing them how much you truly care about them and how they are always on your mind.This gesture is the best gift on christmas for anybody who wants to articulate their feelings through canvas art, pouring out somebody through different means on a canvas is truly an artistic way to express your affection towards art and that special one.

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