6 Best Painting Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentines is around the corner, we are already feeling the pressure of giving the best gift to our partners. This valentine’s, make your loved one feel like the main character, get them a painting of, you and them, and live the Hollywood forever love story with it. We have a tonne of options available for you and your loved one. Here are a few ideas for you to gift the paintings of your loved ones for valentines day!

1. Two different pictures in one painting

Two different pictures in one painting for valentines day

Long Distance Relationships sucks but we can make your cherished memories from that corner of the world to this corner in “ONE FRAME”! This best handmade custom painting from photos gives you the opportunity to have you and your love in one frame from the two different pictures that you provide us with! Make them feel together miles apart, this valentine’s day.

2. Oil Portrait Paintings for Valentine’s day

Oil Portrait Paintings for Valentine's day

Fresh Oil paint portrait that has you and your love has got to be one of the artist’s muse dreams come true, give this to your art lover partner and see them glow different this valentines. This portrait painting made by hand will be customised to your liking and your colour wants!

3. Charcoal portraits for the classic black lovers

Charcoal portraits for the classic black lovers

The good ol’ charcoal portraits will play their dice when you and yours will be in one frame. This handmade portrait gives you the feeling of being seen and valued. This is one validating painting for valentine`s day on the shelf if you own it. 

4. Cheerful Watercolour painting portraits

Cheerful Watercolour painting portraits

The best quick option we have available for you is the watercolour portraits, we have built the most beautiful paintings in watercolours but portrait painting of you and your love, made by hand has gotta be one of the most intimate and caring moments for us, artists. 

5. Colored pencil portraits

Colored pencil portraits

The childhood dream of painting prince and princess for valentine`s day with your colored pencils will come true this valentine, give us the opportunity for best handmade custom painting from photos of colored pencil portrait with your partner and feel the love in the air as light as the colours on the canvas.

6. Acrylic painting portraits

Acrylic painting portraits

This valentine, let the bright, shiny armoured heart of yours be presented to your loved one onto the canvas with the best colours out there, this not only will make your portrait painting made by hand pop out on the wall but also frame your heart in the canvas for them to see. 

We guarantee you that your loved one will love your thought behind the portrait painting made by hand for valentine`s day, being so intimate and thoughtful this Valentine, feel the love on the walls. 

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